As of today, the best on-page SEO is also not enough to rank high on Google. The search engine takes 200 factors into consideration when it determines a website’s SERP’s ranking order. Its nearly impossible to optimize our website for all of them.

Domain authority is one such factor, which when optimized can highly improve the website’s ranking order.

According to Google, a search engine generally uses domain authority to determine you are a domain expert who can provide high-quality content on a subject.

After all, there are more than 1.8 billion websites all over the Internet. So, it turns out there is a strong rating system.

All the websites are not rated equally. Some have more reputation and trust than others. Some are still fighting hard to gain that traction. Some have been there online for many years, slowly building their presence. And, some just got registered this year.

Avoiding any confusion for search engines while displaying results for us, there is a rating system called the DA – Domain Authority score.

What is Domain Authority?

Developed by Moz, Domain Authority is a score that determines the strength of a website for a specific subject or domain. A logarithmic scale that helps search engines to decide how high a website has to rank in the SERP’s. Higher points lead to Higher DA and Higher DA is Higher Page Rank.

what is domain authority

Do not confuse Domain Authority with Page Authority.

They both are completely different. A Website’s Domain Authority determines search engine ranking for the entire website or domain, while a Page Authority is ranking strength for a specific page only.

How to check what is your Website Domain Authority Score?

Simply enter your Website URL’s in the any of the following websites:


All of them support adding multiple domains at once too.

domain authority checker tool

What are the factors that influence Domain Authority?

There are around 200 factors that can typically influence the Domain Authority of a website. Here are a few important factors among them:

  1. Root domain referrals
  2. Total count of backlinks pointing to the website
  3. Quality of the backlinks
  4. Site content volume
  5. Age of domain (counts, when the site went live on Google, not when a domain name was first registered)
  6. Amount of social referrals
  7. Website speed performance
  8. Strength of overall site content
  9. Moz trust (computed by Moz that grows with time)

How to improve Domain Authority Score?

It’s very simple as you think. Just working on the factors mentioned above that influence the DA is enough to improve your DA score.

While you work on that, the most important thing is to create quality backlinks. Links from other internet websites are just like votes, the more your website receives, the higher the website’s DA score.

Also, note that quality content is one of the crucial factors that can influence DA. To improve the DA score of your website, you should be working on creating high-quality killer content that is relevant and unique.

In a nutshell, work on all the factors that can influence the DA to improve your Website DA and rank higher on search engines!