If implemented correctly, these 40 B2B Growth hacking tactics can increase your website traffic tremendously, promising consistent growth all in your favor.

This article is inspired and taken from a presentation by the visionary Growth Hacker Lincoln Murphy at Sixteen Ventures.

Let’s get started by beginning with the Awareness Ladder, which is a buyer’s awareness journey about a product/service.

Five Rules Before We Get Started

  1. Know what your audience is looking for, what problems they have or what opportunities they want to take advantage.
  2. Talk to your audience, not about your product… at least at first… WIIFT!
  3. Know how your audience ‘consume marketing’ and where they are on the awareness ladder.
  4. Know where your audience hangs out online, what publications/blogs they read, who they listen to and trust, etc.
  5. Know the goal for the traffic you’re getting! Traffic doesn’t matter – customers matter. So get ’em to take action when they get to your site.

1. Search Engine Optimization

If they don’t search for info, all the SEO in the world won’t matter.

Know your audience and what they’re looking for/the terms they use (use Google AdWords Keyword Tool… at least) and build your marketing site around that.

If you have an audience that is low on the awareness ladder, they aren’t going to search you out… you need to go out to where they are and get them to come back to your site

Oh, yeah… and putting all of your eggs in Google alone might be a bad idea… you never know how Google will change it’s algorithms next and cause your site to be ranked lower… even if you aren’t doing anything for the “black web”

2. Content Marketing

Create compelling content that search engines like, but that your market likes (and shares), even more. Remember, engagement spreads virally.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t create content just to attract people to your site, you create it to engage with people (as mentioned above), to get them to stick around, to know, like, and trust you and eventually use it to convince them to sign-up for your stuff.

The higher-up on the awareness ladder people are, the less you have to do to convince them and the more actively they’ll seek you out.

Few useful resources to buy Content here: http://www.textbroker.com/ https://www.elance.com/ https://www.odesk.com/

3. Email List

You should be building an email list before you launch and maintain lists of future/past and current customers and market to them appropriately. If you aren’t doing this, you’re missing out. Period.

This is a traffic source that you build organically and from swaps, customers, etc. Think about your mailing list like a bank account that you can reach into and pull traffic and money from on demand.

4. Alternative Products

  • iPhone / Android Apps
  • Kindle e-Books
  • Installed Apps Stand-alone MVP Web Apps

If it resonates with your audience and gets your name/link into their hands and doesn’t cannibalize revenue streams… do it!

Not necessarily FREE, apply a price, discount it 100%, drive up ratings, take off discount for the public, offer discounts to select groups only.

5. Video Marketing

Google ❤ Youtube (also #3 search engine itself).

Don’t have video ideas? Do a video overview for every blog post you write. Put your URL as the first part of the description and use the keywords you want to rank for.

You can use other video platforms for hosting quality video – like VSLs – Wistia is who I use – on marketing pages, but also put those on Youtube for SEM.

6. Webinars

Has that “live event” feel that people will work their schedule around to attend? People know that they have to register and are OK with that, provide you position and project the value straight and clear.

You can even do automated ones – http://www.stealthseminar.com/, http://webinaragogo.com/ Market these independent of your product and use to convert to buyers/trials.

7. Swaps

You do something for someone and they do something for you, in this case, you each send each other traffic.

Get an industry pro to do a Webinar with you. They market the webinar to their list (another validation of their expertise) and you market to your list (you’re piggybacking on their trust) and you each get a list of participants who you can send to your site.

Unbounce and KISSMetrics did a great swap in late 2012. Get someone to email out to their list about you; you do the same for them, share sign-up/opt-in lists with each other. On your Post-Signup/Thank You page send traffic to them; they do the same.

Get an extra month FREE when you signup for XYZ product!

8. Write Guest Blog Posts/Articles

Write articles in the publications or on the blogs that your audience reads. Think about adjacent products that your customers already use and write for them.

Including offline industry players, get a byline (with a CTA) and/or include links in your post and you’ll get traffic from their readers

9. Host Guest Blogs/Articles

Get people to guest blog for you. Everyone wants exposure if they have an audience, you just tapped into it!

KISSMetrics has built a significant revenue stream using their blog with tons of guest posts to drive traffic into the top of the funnel. http://blog.kissmetrics.com/the-neil-patel-method/

SEOMoz adds“1,634 Community Written Blog Posts” in their latest funding deck, they tap their community for content (and those posts are super-deep and very informative) and those people go on Twitter, Facebook, their blogs, etc. and promote their work and their community friends do, too! HUGE!

10. Industry Expert Interviews

Do interviews with industry experts and post on your blog/site. Industry experts bring credibility and a built-in audience (an “expert” will waste no time in promoting their interview to their audience!).

Make someone from your team (CEO/leader ideally) available to be interviewed. As an industry expert leverage the idea in the first point above to promote your own expertise.

11. Infiltrate Online Communities

Forums, LinkedIn Groups, etc. that are specific to your operating industry. Get to know the moderator/owner so they’ll help promote what you have to offer (but be prepared to play politics with some of the biggest egos online!).

Find people in your industry on LinkedIn, see what groups they belong to, and join them.

http://www.postloop.com/ – forum owners pay you to post content (either use that service or use as a guide)

http://rankings.big-boards.com/ -huge list of top forums

12. Create Online Communities

Create a forum, start a discussion list (put your URL in your group chat and email signature). Create a LinkedIn Group.

Find people in your industry on LinkedIn, see what groups they belong to, join those, then create yours, and promote it to the other members of the group you’re in!

Facebook Groups are also a good way to start online communities.

13. Get Quality Backlinks

Not just to boost Search Engine rank which may or may not work at any given time, this is to get TRAFFIC.

Go where your customers are and give them something to link to. Don’t just ask random bloggers to link to your main page. Give them a blog post or whitepaper (reverse squeeze!) to link to.

For SEM purposes, get some high-quality, contextual links by joining organizations – even locally – like the Chamber of Commerce.

Google’s always changing its algorithms, but the context will always rule.

14. Conferences

Speaking gives you credibility, a link (usually), and a built-in audience that you should leverage to send traffic to your site. As you wrap up your speech, mention you had 3 other points you wanted to cover, but didn’t have time, go to mysite.com/confname to download those slides!

Sponsoring conferences/events – you will often get emails of participants; use cold-outreach tactics to drive traffic. Don’t expect too much traffic from a logo, so use a CTA instead if allowed!

Attend conferences/events – treat it like the marketing opportunity it is, no reason you couldn’t boost traffic from being around 400 like-minded, industry people.

15. Pinterest

If you have a visual component to your product, integrating with Pinterest could drive massive traffic to your site. Know your audience and know where they hang out. This is the #3 social network behind Facebook and Twitter in the world right now and the demographics are very specific. But if it works, it works.

It can make a total sense to “pin” every photo (frame) in a video sequence, pull pics in from Facebook, pin them, then create a video from that and send all traffic from those pins to that video, MASSIVE TRAFFIC.

16. PPC Ads

Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and others.

Remember, Contextual and Congruent. Not just text, graphical. Buy an action-oriented domain name to use in the ads, getyourapp.com.

Use Trada (http://www.trada.com/) or http://boostctr.com/ and tap into their massive network of micro-copywriters to create ads for you. Google just updated Adwords rotation, taking away great testing and replacing it with more revenue for them (one basket + all eggs = fail).

17. Display Ads

Pay Per Impression (generally works for increasing traffic, but not always.)

Resources: Google AdSense / Ad Networks / http://buysellads.com/ http://www.yabuka.com

Disruptive and Incongruent (and Contextual, hopefully)

Try taking or designing a picture of a text ad that is killing it for you and use that as your display ad.

18. Retargeting

Serve ads to those that have already interacted with you by filling a form, liking or sharing your posts or pages, visiting your website or clicking a link.

http://retargeter.com is a good resource to start for banner ad creation.

19. Newsletter Ads

Classified Ad: Get a mention in someone else’s newsletter
Sponsor: The content is brought to them by you
Solo: The entire email is all about you (best one).

Use this to build your list, not to sell/try to get ’em to try your product. Find them on your own, DirectoryOfEzines.com, Smart Brief, FierceMarkets, if you use Mailchimp you can try Wavelength to find adjacent newsletters, NewsletterDirectory.Co, etc. LaunchBit offers ads in 3rd party newsletters

20. Twitter

Use it to cultivate connections and spread your message w/ links back to your site. Very often tweets/RTs are cultivated outside of Twitter, send an email to people asking for a Tweet/RT SNT: @’ing those in your industry. Cold Outreach via Twitter and it works (if you follow the Cold Outreach rules).

You can also buy Promoted Tweets directly from Twitter or use a company like BuySell Ads, IZEA, sponsoredtweets.com or adly.com. You can even get celebrities to Tweet for you… $XYZ per tweet to their followers through BuySellAds.

Stay tuned for PART 2, the 2nd set of Growth Hacking techniques to increase your website traffic and drive sales like never before.