About K Manoj Kumar (Manoj)

K Manoj Kumar, PeerXP
K Manoj Kumar, PeerXP

Everything you need to know about me and my story so far.

šŸ‘‹ Hi! I am K Manoj Kumar. You can call me Manoj or MK. I am an Entrepreneur and Computer Science Engineer. I help companies automate Technical operations (DevOps) through people-oriented solutions like PWSLab.

I'm the Founder and CEO of PeerXP and CTO at Empfly. Previously, I have experience building E-Learning solutions and working with Public-Sector Government organizations in India.

I have a huge passion to build Technology enabled solutions to solve real-life challenges. I am learning Sales and Marketing. Occasionally, I code šŸ‘Øā€šŸ’» as well.

Languages I speak and understand: English, Hindi and Telugu.

Before we get started with my story, for those who are looking to work with me, here is my User-Guide.

My Background

My beginnings were challenging and humble, brought up in a beautiful city in South India - Visakhapatnam.

My parents, irrespective of any financial challenges, always ensured my brother and I got good education. I am extremely grateful to them.

As a kid, I was always fascinated about Engineering, right from my school days. I love Computers and Gadgets! I had no Computer at home, until I went on to pursue my Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering.

I became financially independent at the age of 20. From my first job with the Government, and further engagements, I made around ā‚¹ 2,00,000.

I used half of the money to help my parents pay College Fees, and the other half I purchased a Redmi Note 4 Mobile Phone, and started PeerXP, registering the company - PeerXP Info Technologies Private Limited.

My Entrepreneurial Story

In early 2017, I started PeerXP. Our first office was a Faculty-Cabin in my University.

I have a huge passion to solve problems, and never give up solving them. I've seen many failures, before the actual money kicked in through PeerXP, in late 2018. I am still fascinated about how things actually worked for me. I am thankful to all those who have supported me in my journey.

DevOps and Automation which we currently do at PeerXP, is something that I learnt with no prior experience as a college grad, right from Day 1, when we hosted our website and other applications for customers.

Learn more about PeerXP here.

What I love doing?

I love exploring internet products. I can never get bored of connecting the dots and building products that solve problems.

I am starting to love Writing!

I also spend time watching movies, listening music, browsing Twitter and LinkedIn and exploring products on Amazon!

Sometimes, I just like to stroll by the lake-side in Bangalore or beach-side in Vizag.

My Life Motto

This is both my motto and hence PeerXP's Motto.

Think in New Dimensions!

It is about Thinking in a New Dimension that has never been thought before, and you will definitely find a solution to all your challenges. Daily this is the one thing, that drives me and keeps me motivated.

When something crazy happens that makes me happy or surprised, often I say:

God must be Crazy!

I think God just plays around with us, sometimes he is really crazy and makes things work like never before.

What is K Manoj Kumar Blog?

K Manoj Kumar Blog is all about my personal and professional learnings, strategies and experiences. I write about Technology, Business and Growth Hacking. Sometimes, I also tend to write about my ideas and views on solving emerging challenges.

I regularly post at least once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Feel free to suggest, criticize, comment and share my content.

For enquiries, please contact me anytime. I'll try and respond within 2 days. Thank You for reading about me!

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