🧑‍💻 About Me

CS Engineer | Entrepreneur | Founder and CEO, PeerXP
K Manoj Kumar is a CS Engineer and Entrepreneur

Hey there! I am a CS Engineer and Entrepreneur, currently based in Bengaluru 🇮🇳.

I started my career working in the Public Sector with the Ministry of HRD in the Govt of Andhra Pradesh, creating E-Learning solutions for State Govt Universities. I then moved on to developing Deep-tech solutions for companies like PwC, NIIT, and Aricent.

I've built Software products in a bunch of different domains and have been tinkering with Linux, DevOps, Security, and Process Automation for a while now. At the age of 19, while pursuing Engineering, I founded PeerXP!

Since 2019, I have been assisting Growth-Stage companies with their DevOps and Software Delivery challenges, enabling them to scale faster by leveraging Tech Automation.

🏢 VegaStack (PeerXP)

VegaStack provides a range of products and services to help businesses streamline their Software development, delivery and operations at scale.

The company offers solutions in the following areas:

  • Automating the Development and Delivery Lifecycle.
  • Cloud Architecture and Optimization.
  • Application, Infrastructure and Cloud Security.
  • Architecting for High-Availability and Disaster Recovery setups.
  • Infrastructure as Code automation.
  • Containerization, Serverless and Kubernetes.
VegaStack (PeerXP) Press Kit
VegaStack offers DevSecOps and Automation solutions for businesses to streamline their software delivery and operations at scale.
VegaStack (PeerXP) Press Kit

🧱 Tech I tinker with

I'm a total tech nerd; always on the lookout for interesting tools and projects to dive into. I'm a big fan of ProductHunt, Twitter, and YouTube for discovering the latest tech news and trends. Whenever I get the time, I love to play around with SAAS stuff and mess around with GitHub projects - so much fun!

Category Tech / Tools
CI/CD GitLab CI/CD ❤️, Jenkins
SCM Git SCM, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, and Gitea
Cloud AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, Linode
OS Linux, MacOS
Orchestration Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless
Security SAST, DAST, SCA, Database Security, Server Hardening, and Compliance Frameworks
Monitoring Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix
Automation Ansible, Terraform and Zapier
Architecture Monolith, N-tier, Microservices, Cloud Native
Programming Python, PHP, Deluge
UI / UX Tailwind CSS, Figma
Productivity Notion ❤️ , Asana and Loom

P.S. This isn't the full list, but these will do for now. 😉

🏗️ Projects

I've got loads of experience building reliable and scalable automation solutions for all kinds of teams, ranging from Product companies operating in the CRM, Contact-center software, HR, Crypto, Fintech, and Telecom industries to Service companies that build customized software solutions.

I've been engineering and managing Automation projects for years now, and it's been awesome seeing the positive impact they've had on so many people in different countries. I'm lucky to have an amazing team of Engineers at PeerXP - they've been key to making our projects a success!

🤝 Get in Touch

If you're having trouble with DevOps, Process Automation or Productivity stuff, hit me up - I'll do my best to help ya out! Or if you just wanna chat about Tech, SaaS and Startups, I'm game! :)